Joe Goudeau 2015 Spring Introductions


Looks Good Coming and Going

6" 29, M, Eve, Re

Clean base color is allowing for some interesting seedlings. Fertile both ways

$75.00 DF



XXXs and OOOs

5" 27" M, Eve, Re

Really!.....with this scape do I have to describe? I dont fertilize or water anything but the 9 month babies. Fertile both ways, Very limited $100.00 



Same Old Same Old

5" 28" M, Eve, Re

A very nice bitone that blooms through the season fertile both ways

$50.00 DF


Ell S Shoe

Diploid 6" + 32" Semi, M, Re

Fertile both ways this is the first seedling out of Heebie Jeebies.



Dancer's Legs

6" 30" M, Semi, Re

Vigorous increase, good garden plant, difficult pod parent.
$50.00 DF


Storm Clouds Brewing

4.75, 27, M, Eve, Re

A deep purple with a wire thin white edge. Clean and clear base color vigorous plant habit.



Hooked on Hymns

6" 30" M, Semi, Re

Taller kid out of Wonderful thing About Tigers and Baton Rouge National. vigorous garden plant. 

$35.00 DF

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