2014 Spring Offerings

2014 Joe Goudeau Spring Introductions

When and Where
5, 28, Semi, Re, M La
W&W is just that. I use the pollen from this flower as a starter pollen. It will set a pod on the most difficult of pod setters. The bud count is low at 12 -14 so I was not going to introduce this flower that was until I saw some of the babies it produced. Yes low bud count but she rebloomed for me three times in 2013. STRONG pollen and a very fertile easy pod setter should have named her Ready Willing and Able :)
Introducing with less than 20 double fans.

$85 Double fan
Seedlings from W&W

Whipped Cream and Strawberries
4.5, 27, Semi, Re, M La

WC&S is just that a ripe juicy red strawberry just waiting to be dipped in whipped cream. Medium size foliage, scape and flower that is perfectly proportioned. Bud count is low at 12 - 14 but with two rebloom scapes who can complain. Fertile both ways great for bitone babies
Introducing with less than 20 double fans.

$85 for a double division

Case of the Reds

6, 28, Eve, Re, M La

As everyone who knows me is does not take much for me to get on the soapbox.

Case of the Reds is out of a seedling affectionately nick named BAR COTR is a much better parent giving larger heavier flowers. Nice red that gets some weird looks depending on the temperatures.

Very fertile both ways

$50 for a Double Division

Unbreak My Heart
J. Goudeau 6" 30" tet, Eve, Re

Unbreak My Heart is the first introduction out of Unexpected Romance x Badonkadonk. A pod fertile seed producing machine this heartbreaker is sure to give you some interesting kids

$55 Double Fan

Better is One Day

J. Goudeau 5.25" 30" tet, Eve, Re

The image is after a of 98 degree 100% humidity day. I used this image to accentuate (bet you didn't think I could pronounce it much less use it in a sentence) the intense chartreuse throat of this baby. Nice scape desent branching and bud count. Good parent both ways.

$75 double fan


J. Goudeau 6.25" 29" tet, Eve, Re

Thought I would throw this one out there nice flower with vigorous plant habit. She increases to clump strength quickly, fertile.

$50 double fan