2011 Fall Intos Joe

2011 Joe Goudeau Fall Introductions

Heebie Jeebies

 J. Goudeau Sdg# ” 28”6" Dip, Sev, M, Re
Very Limited maybe 10 double fans remaining.




J. Goudeau 4.5" 30" tet, Semi, Mla, Re

Used in the  quest for Blue. Aeee has a clean base color that has been used to work in my blue program


High Octaine

J. Goudeau Sdg# 
5.25” 28” Tet, Eve, EM, Re

Sculpting, Big Great scape, fertile what more can you ask for?



Lexa's Pick

J. Goudeau Sdg# 
4” 27” Tet, Semi, M, Re

Longest bloom season of any flower I have seen. Starts early May and has bloomed into November.

Very Fertile both ways 


Watermelon Party
J. Goudeau 5", 29" M, Semi, Re Fertile both ways fantastic parent for big a ruffly