2007 Intros

Image provided by Bill and Anne Monroe

Christine Tuminello LeGrande

(J. Goudeau sdg# 28-15-03) 5.25, 30, Eve, M, Slfr, Re

Christine Tuminello LeGrand is named for the Hemerocallis Study Club member John LeGrand s wife of 38 years. She was taken prematurely from her family after a courageous battle with cancer. It was an honor to name one of my introductions after someone so special. Christine Tuminello LeGrande is an elegant flower with great scapes, nice bud count, and good spacing. I find it strange that we work so hard to get flowers so ruffled they cannot open yet we use conversions to try to give our new introductions a diploid look. This cream white with a pink blush and a dazzling deeper pink edge is a hybridizer s dream come true. Good pollen and pod parent with a bud count of 22 to25.  Sold Out Since Introduced  

Bordering on Weird

(J. Goudeau sdg# 25-20) 4.25, 28, Eve, EM, Re

Bordering on Weird is a (Mister Lucky x Roses in Snow) x Mister Lucky seedling gives seedlings that makes you scratch your head in wonderment. All the seedlings show some veining. The seedlings are all over the place with some being large, some small, some double, some have a tendency to elongate. If you want to add a touch of weird to your red and orange base seedlings this one may be for you. Fast increaser SF

Coyote Ugly

(J. Goudeau sdg# 02-05-11) 5.25, 28, Eve, ML, Re, Slfr

On my first trip back from Larry Grace‚Äôs I was crossing flowers in the back seat of my truck. I just could not help myself. Coyote Ugly is a creamy yellow with a heavy gold edge. It is from one of two seedpods I set during that drive. If you are looking for a plant that is a good pod parent, this is it. JT Davis is in the parentage of this flower twice.  (8/2/08) Coyote Ugly was one of the best flowers in the garden this year. I guess it is the first time it was not lined out and it has peformed brilliantly. It has rebloomed twice this years with the rebloom flowers approaching 7" in size. It has even shown some green toward the end of the season. Branching and bud count haave also been much improved over the lined out counts. Look for f vie way branching and up to 30 budds on rebloom, once established.

DF price $50.00

Blackwater Snowflake

(J. Goudeau sdg# 5-10-16-03) 4.75, 26, Semi, M, Slfr, Re

Blackwater Snowflake  is another good parent for bagel style flowers. This perfectly round white diamond has just a touch of pink. The pink blush seems to fade as the temperatures rise leaving an almost pure white canvas on which to paint. The emerald green throat enhances this flowers presence. Branching and bud count are moderate.

SF $50.00

Blackwater Lavender Delight

(J. Goudeau sdg# 00-4-27-4) 5.25, 27, Semi, ML, Fr, Re

Blackwater Lavender Delight is an interesting shade of lavender washed with mulberry jam. The mulberry   seems to drip from the petal edges. A mulberry halo is evident around the bright yellow to green throat. A honey gold trim tops off this appetizing flower. Four and five way branching with 18 to 20 perfectly spaced buds. I have set pods in late June and early July without the benefit of shade.

SF $30.00