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Elmer Duplantis

Goudeau Sdg#

5” 28” Tet, Eve, Em, Re

 Elmer Duplantis did it all for Region 13. Retired from the oil industry he traveled the globe in the exploration and recovery of oil. He carried that work ethic into the daylily world with his tireless efforts and generosity. He left me big shoes to fill as RVP and I miss his guidance and friendship.


If you liked Clothed in Glory (L Grace), you will love this seedling from a cross of Clothed in Glory and a Seedling. Elmer Duplantis is medium lavender with a darker slightly feathered watermark. The bubbly yellow gold edge appears chartreuse on rebloom and does not hang up even on the coolest of mornings. Please remember this is Louisiana cool. J A great parent Elmer Duplantis is fertile both ways. I am introducing this special flower a year early so supplies are limited $35 DF































Claire Fontenot


J. Goudeau Sdg# 5-10-17-03

5.25” 27” Tet, Sev, M, Sfr, M, Re


It is said that great things come in small packages. Claire Fontenot epidermises the word volunteer. Mrs. Clair is a wonderful lady who donates many countless hours to the Botanical Garden of Baton Rouge, teaches master gardeners classes and in her “spare time” helps out the Baton Rouge Daylily Society and area growers. She is an inspiration to me with her boundless energy and positive outlook on life.


Claire Fontenot is the best branched and budded flower I have introduced to date.

Claire Fontenot has an alabaster base color with muted grape eye and edge. The large chartreuse green throat really tantalizes the imagination. Even though I am going to introduce this flower with a bud count of 25 and four way branching I have counted as many as 42 buds and six to seven way branching. On top of all these great attributes, Claire Fontenot bloomed into September this past season. These results were without the benefit of performance enhancing drugs, special fertilizer, extra water or a green house. Claire Fontenot is lined out in the same beds as all the other seedlings. Demand is high and quantities limited. $35DF



































  The Wonderful Thing about Tigers


J. Goudeau Sdg# 27-16

6” 34” Tet, Eve, M, Re


The Wonderful Thing about Tigers are they win College Football National Championships. The Wonderful Things about Tigers is my first introduction that can be considered an unusual form. This orangey red flower has a darker eye and green throat have petals that pinch consistently. This flower sets pods without the benefit of shade. I am excited about some of the results I received crossing Thin Man (Trimmer) to this flower. The seedlings have carried on the unusual form and elongated petals. Only about 5% of my Program is dedicated to unusual forms and spiders so I needed flowers I could set pods on every time. Well it took me several years of trial and error but The Wonderful Thing about Tigers has filled that need. Great rebloom and good performer. $15DF  or more Small fans










































J. Goudeau Sdg# 6-7-24-3

5” 38” Tet, Dor, Mla, Re


Piglet reminds me of the character in Winnie the Pooh. As you can tell I watched way too many cartoons with my children when they were growing up. I would not trade that time and those moments for the world. Winnie the Pooh was my daughter’s favorite when she was a toddler. I still enjoy the memories when I see a cartoon character or hear one of the songs. Piglet is a baby ribbon pink with a lipstick rose eye. Measuring 36” tall Piglet is taller than most of my introductions to date. Piglet is a rapid increaser and a very good garden flower.  This baby bloomed 48" tall with ten way branching in Terri Rehns garden at the 2011 National Convention. A true dormant that performs like no other when treated well!!!!!!                $30DF































Bare Necessities


J. Goudeau 28-10-03

4”, 25”, Tet, Sev, Sfr, Mla, Re


Bare Necessities actually Bear Necessities from the movie the “Jungle Book” but as anyone that knows me I like bare better than bear! Bare Necessities is simply a beautiful flower. It has a nice scape with four to five way branching and decent bud count of up to 20. I am going to call Bare Necessities more of a polychrome than yellow or pink but I have noticed that depends on soil conditions since my three images of this seedling look a shade different. A good parent setting pods easily without the benefit of shade. $50DF  






























Blackwater Kiss This


J. Goudeau 6-5-7-3

4” 32”, Tet, Sev, Em, Sfr, Re


BW Kiss This J I mean my ruby red lips for those who have not heard the country music song. Kiss This has a Sherbet base color with a huge kiss of brilliant red making up the eyezone. For a smallish flower the scape is very tall standing well above the foliage. The branching and bud count are not what I would like but acceptable with the rebloom.



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